In this photo series, women and most importantly women’s heads are bundled up, artist hints about their thoughts and characteristics harmonious with the colors of their Boqches; floating like their thoughts are a shape flying around the room.
With their eyes shot they’re almost asleep, stuck in these heavy bundles not
able to get free of these Boqches, not able to get free of things they have learned to hold untouched and dear. Floating but not lightly.
What Sabouki has accomplished in this photo series, is showing us the complexities
of a woman’s mind and all of the traditions that complicate her life.
*In Iranian tradition “Boqche“ is a bit of fabric wrapped around objects to keep
them secure, hidden, or portable.

  • This series has 11 photos in 3 editions + A/P edition
  • In two sizes 100×70 cm & 150×100 cm
  • Printed on canvas & varnished by hand