Upcoming Series


The “Plumbs” series is the story of man’s struggle for balance. The story of the lost kings on earth that is human and humanity.


“Turbulence” in Ali’s mind is an exposition of change. The events of human life during these years on the planet were full of chaos, consternation and dismay.

The Children of Adam

The thing about M Lisa is the depth of her eyes, that is why you see her the way you
feel, like a mirror, the depth of her look sinks you.


To Ali, ”Sufi” series is a dreamy image of deliver- ance and follows his other series. In this series, he portrays the Sufis of his mind, Sufis who are on the path of self-exploring.


In this photo series, women and most importantly women’s heads are bundled up, artist hints about their thoughts and characteristics harmonious with the colors of their Boqches; floating like their thoughts are a shape flying around the room.


Mass migration to the cities, along with other forces such as the spread of access to satellite television, the internet, and the general dominance of western media have resulted in a dramatic shift towards cultural homogenization over the last few decades.


Cocoons come from Sabouki’s old obsession, Social barriers that won’t let imaginations fly. A metaphor of a butterfly to be, or not to be.

Exhibited Series


In this series, for which Sabouki won an Arte Laguna Prize in 2017, he deconstructs the very definition of portraiture by doing away with faces entirely. This also represents the culmination of his career-long interest in exploring the expressive power of human hands.


“Myselves” is a way through self-scrutiny. People with the same path, people looking so different on the outside but so similar on the inside.Sabouki’s compassion to see people like they’re a part of him.